Privacy Policy / Information Security

We truly understand why you are concerned about our privacy policy and information security. We are running this business with intend to make good customer relations and achieving your satisfaction is our main goal, but these words are meaningless if you don't feel comfortable and safe with us. We do not share any of your credit card and personal information to any unauthorized and third party sites.

What makes our website secure

To make use no one gets your personal and credit card information, we use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) most powerful and secure encryption layer available on the internet. After placing an order when you pay through your debit or credit card the information gets encrypted through this layer and does not let anyone else read it. You can see that you are on a secure page by observing following things when you give us your credit card information.

  • Our payment page's URL starts with HTTPS instead of HTTP.
  • At the bottom right side of the screen you will see a lock or key symbol, which indicates that this page is secure.

We also use additional precautions to avoid leakage of secured information (Personal data & Credit card information). We use professional and personal software for order processing procedure, this software is totally separate from the internet which makes impossible for anyone else from the outer world to access it. Our highly secured server takes risks out of transactions at the time of order processing. We also keep your credit card information on the file with your only AUTHORIZATION as soon as the order is complete, we destroy the information making it sure your credit card information don't get converted into electrical form.

We also would like to make you inform that in case you don't know that your credit card company also make your transactions insured. If in a rare case of credit card fraud takes place your credit card company will automatically make a limit on your liability to $50 and FuturaPromo will pay the rest of the balance. If you get the point you are at 0% risk.

Other Information You Should Be Aware Of

Every time you visit our website, our system automatically recognizes some information related to your for example, your IP address and your service provider, but we don't get your name, email address, house address and your phone number until and unless you update us through the registration form. Our system allows us to know why many times and how many users visited our website and what feature they have used, this information allows to make changes in our website according to your need & preferences.

FuturaPromo gives assurance to you that we don't share any of your personal information like names, email address, phone number and house addresses etc to any outside parties. We keep all of the information strictly safe and non- accessible.

If you think all of the above measures are not enough to protect the information you don't want to share, please contact our support team at 703-880-8230 we will be more than happy to clear your doubts.

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